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Looks really nice!

Thanks! I appreciate the support!

No 3ds or dxf in zip, only c4d.

Can you please re-post with missing files?


Sure! But actually they must be inside only.. Nevertheless, I sent the missing files to you!

Um, same problem here. I just downloaded and it only has the c4d format. Please send quick, I’m on a deadline!

Sent you the files. Package will get updated as well, sothat you can also download it via 3DOcean.

Looking for 3ds files as well. Not seeing them in the .zip. Please send.

Please send me your e-mail adress

Just sent you a direct message. Thanks!

Buyers beware, as of 2/6/12, the zip file download still only contains the c4d file. It does not contain the 3ds file, obj, dxf, or fbx versions. See comments above. If you need one of the those formats, try one of the other models on the site.

Package has been updated

Very good work iJatrat! all formats are there!

Thank you! Glad you like it!

well done man ..... nice file

Thanks a lot, appreciate it:)

hi can’t find the .obj .. my boss gonna kill me .. plz help … :)

I just contacted you ;)

Hi, It’s been a little difficult to understand the JPG in order to figure out how to assemble shades. Is there a easier way to do that. I am using Maya 12. Would u mind to help me out. Thanks.

Hi, I could not contact you via E-Mail. You could simply send me a screenshot of the Object manager and I will note which shader belongs to which part. Hope it helps. Try contacting me through my profile.

Hi love your work! Does this iPad 2 file work with Element 3D in After Effects? I don’t want to have problems with UV map’s not working. I see you iphone 5 model is compatible.



Sorry for getting back to you delayed. I am afraid, the iPad 2 won’t work seamlessly in element3d since there are some problems concerning the geometry not being compatible with the renderer. I figured out 1-2 tricks how to make it work, but I can’t guarantee you anything. If you are still interested, please let me know.

Thanks for the kind words!


is there a fix for the Element 3D Version ready? I would also be very interested in using it in Element.