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This is so unreal! Awesome work, really awesome! Didn’t know that C4D can do such realistic models.. Keep up the good work!

Thanks mate. Well, now you know it is :p Took me a lot of time and effort though :D

Fantastic Work, you have just inspired me to up my modelling game. got my copy of 11.5 recently. So many more nights with Coffee and i know i will get there. Great work!!!

Thanks a lot modhiambo! Really appreciate it and I hope your game will be a success as well! Good luck :)

really inspiring.

i must say i’m impressed with the high def details.

but i have a question. (i’m new by the way so bare with me).

the iPhone 4 is a product from apple. so is it legal to make a copy of there design? or do i need to contact them.

An error comes up saying that it is missing envato_4_large.jpg?

Other than getting the screen to work, this is an amazingly realistic model!

Hi, thanks for your support! Just contact me via email, and I’ll make sure I fix it for you!

I downloaded the file and cant get it to work. I only have After Effects and no other 3d applications. This was very deceiving and the notes are not helpful at all. As of now this is a useless file.

I’m sorry for that but seriously, if you do not have any 3D software, then I am afraid you’re on the wrong site. It is clearly mentioned which file formats are included with the pack.

Really nice and detailed model. Definitely worth purchasing!

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Great quality mann, compared it with some other ones and yea, nice materials.


2bad my computer can’t render it fast enough :(

i’ll have to reduce the quality of the materials / create new ones; sigh. :( ! [my problem, i know, lol]

Nonetheless, thank you Sir for your work!

Pleased to hear that from a customer! Appreciate your kind words and am glad it is serving its needs.

Wishing you good luck with your project!

Nice work! Looks awesome! Like it :)

Glad you like it!:)

Hi, Will this with Blender?

Hi, multi-formats are included as well such as .3ds files which work in most of the softwares. However the model has been built in cinema 4D and so have been the previews found on this site.

Hi iJatrat, Just sent you a PM have you seen it?

What’s the easiest way to render a 360 (thus X images while the phone is turning around) when you have no Cinema 4D knowledge? :)

You need to keyframe the Y-Rotation property of the model. Just contact me via PM and I will send you a file doing exactly what you want;)

I don’t see a message. Where did you send it too exactly? I don’t even have a Envato inbox :)

You can also contact me at info@emarky.nl.

sent you one:)

nice project man :))

Thanks for your kind words:)

strange in my case envato_4_large.jpg also missing. and seems screen UV rotated by ~30 deg.

You need to hide the rotated screen which only acts as a placeholder in order to make the actual screen visible. Nevertheless I sent you another version of the iPhone with the actual screen visible already. Hope it helps!

ColorfulUmbrella was here :)