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Great model, looks fantastic. Keep up the good work!

Thanks! I appreciate it a lot.

I know the model will work in C4D – but do the materials work out of the box in C4D ? Thanks!

What do you mean with out of the box? The model will work in every scene in cinema 4d and so will the materials. Say, if you want to copy the model into a custom scene of yours, you can do so without any problems. The materials will be copied along and will look the same in your custom scene.

You answered my question! I was just making sure the materials worked in C4D . I’ve bought a few models where only the geometry worked in C4D . Thanks!

No problem! The model is fully compatible in cinema 4D and ready to render.

Great model!, just one thing, the headphone socket is on the wrong side of the power jack socket!! you can now download the official blueprint from apple.

Thanks for the review! An updated version of th emodel has been submitted. It will be approved in 2-3 day. You can also contact me directly and I will send you the updated files via email.Glad you liked it.

I have very little experience with 3D, so please don’t laugh at me ;)

But, will it work with Photoshop 3D?

I’m afraid, it won’t. Although there won’t be any problems importing the mesh and the scene into photoshop, however the results of the renders, which you can see in the preview, will definitely not be achievable in photoshop. Nevertheless, thanks for you interest! Let me know if I can help you any further.

Alright, Thanks for the reply :) I guess I should just start learning to use some 3D programs then :)

Decided to change the renders ? ;)

Had to re-do the materials after having it in my own hands ;)

The C4D models are missing the mic and speaker holes that are to the left and right of the charging port.

No actually not. If you read the readme file, it is explained that they have just been “switched off” to make the object render faster. They are bool objects which can be turned on and turned off. Just read the instructions in the readme to turn them on again :)

Let me know if I can be of further assistance!


I just buy this stuff but i think there’s a problem with that http://i.imgur.com/HLKQnjK.png what’s this? like dirty

Hi, It seems like your rendering engine needs to be adjusted a bit for the shadows and reflections. Contact me via email, and I’ll help you solve the problem! sunnyag94@yahoo.de

Hi looking for someone to make me a 3d model case for iphone 5, not if I could help because I want it for personal use 3d printer. albert0ostyl3@gmail.com

Great model! But I have tried importing it into Element 3D but all materials are missing. What am I doing wrong? :) Thank you!

Thanks! Contact me via email sunnyag94@yahoo.de I’ll be glad to help you!

I’m using 3DS Design 2013 with V-Ray. Will any of the included formats work for me? Will the final output be near similar? Thanks.

Though speaking generally, I will be able to open one of the provided formats in 3DS 2013, right?

I purchased this earlier today, ran it through my pal’s computer who has Cinema4D and it works spectacularly well. Given a 5 star rating. Thanks.

I am very glad you liked it. Thanks for your feedback!

the phone looks great! just one thing, i need to use the phone in an animation. and i need to be able to have the screen images animated, to show how an app works etc… im using element 3D in adobe AE, is this possible with ur model? or is just a matter of having the screen as a separate element/object/mesh in the one file?? i hope this question makes sense to u… THANKS!