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really great work! Good sales! ;)

Thank you ! Spent some quality time making it close to perfect !

Have a wonderful day !

Cheers !

Very realistic 3d model.Congrats.

Thank you :D

Well done mate great job on the model and the render look nice!

Thanks mate ! Made my day ! :D

Hello 3alisha,

Do you do freelance work in 3D? Let me know, I think you could be a good fit for my project.

Thanks! Kevin

Hello Kevin ! Yes, i am currently available for freelance work. Interested in your project.

Please send me details to the following email: ali.hammoud.lb@gmail.com

Cheers !

How do I regain full colour saturation of the scene?

Hello !

Please send me an email to: ali.hammoud.lb@gmail.com i will help you out !

Also, i kindly ask you to attach a screenshot of what seems wrong (and if possible, a render shot) This would help me see if there is something wrong.

In the email, please describe a bit more of what you are trying to achieve and i will guide you :)

Cheers !

There isn’t a problem at all. I’m simply wondering that since you said “the colours are all cool and the scene is desaturated.” if there is a setting I must use in the vast amount of parameters in Vray to readjust the scene to full colour saturation.

Oh, for this purpose, just vary the colours of the VrayLights in the scene to your liking :)

Warmer colours (like yellow and orange) add saturation to a scene, you can also set the background to a lighter colour via the material editor to add lightness to the saturation.

Hope this helped,

If i can be of any use, please don’t hesitate to ask.

P.S.: Don’t forget to rate the file and support :)

Cheers !

This file is absolutely fantastic. Ali’s realism and effects are unsurpassed. He is a role model to which we should all look up too. You my friend have blossomed into one of the best 3ds max artists I have ever had the privaledge to work with.

My Monica says this is so bad ass… you should have your ass fondled not once but twice! Ted says Wow! You are Awesome… He plays for you and your family and all the kids in Beruit on Nov. 10th. He is now in the US Mid States Super Bowl. Bowling Green Panthers so far undefeated in 10 states. He wants you to know he thinks you are bad to the bone baby! lol

We all love you mate! Cheers and good luck on sales!

This is an excellent buy from a master craftsman! He will not fail you.

Cheers bro! Derek

Now that’s one hell of a comment that one can get on an item :shocked: Thanks alot ! Hats off mate :)

Hey man – where are you mate, been trying to reach you. We are a few short weeks away from the meeting with ATT for Wifi Jack – please contact me asap mate. Hope you are well. Cheers

Thats very nice and wise.

Thanks a lot ! :D

Hey dude !!! i will buy this but i wonder material grouped? for example i will select model apply just one material and all its done. is this like this?

Hey mucahitgayiran !

No need for gamma correction, i fixed it all.. When saving the render output simply “override output” to 2.2 instead of 1.0 :)

I have actually included 2 versions of the phone separately, so no need to change materials.. You can change individual textures/maps from material editor, hassle-free.

I will guide you if you will face any difficulties :)

i also have an unpublished update that i will send you after the purchase, the update is a MentalRay version of the file (No Vray Needed)

Sorry for the late reply !

also need gamma correction ?

yes man…. this is great… amazing model in details. i will contact you for some rendering advice in vray

Awesome ! Whenever you need me, i’m there !

Cheers !

Excellent product, model is great texture is great model is not collapsed : which is good great lighting great render 5 stars

5 star buyer ! Thank you !

great work man!

Thank you :D