Apple’s new iPhone 6 model which has created according to technical drawings.

Item is going to be updated when Apple launches the final design of the product

Model is created in Maya and Cinema 4D.

All the images you see, were rendered in maya without any 3rd party plugin and Photoshop manipulation!

Materials: Maya and Cinema 4d materials are ready. Texture files with 2048×2048 are included for specific parts.

Lightning and rendering: Studio set up and rendering set up in linear-workflow for Maya is ready.

UV Layout: CHECKED !

Polycount: 10021 subdivision level 0

Scale: Real-World

All objects are clearly named and well-organized. There are 20 objects in total.

Clean topology with only quads and tris, without N-GONS.

Everything frozen transform and pivot centered.

Element 3D File is ready for After Effects users.

There is studio file image file for aftter effects environment to receive reflections in an artistic way.

Videohieve authors can re-produce for their project in the case of purchasing extended version of the item.

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