iPhone Xr ALL colors.

iPhone Xr ALL colors.

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• iPhone Xr all colors
• OBJ/.E3D File Formats
• 42 Wallpaper Variations
• Movable Mute Switch
• Working Flashlight
• PSD Wallpaper Template
• HD Textures
• UV Layouts
• Custom HDRI Lighting Maps!

How to use it.
1. Discovery after the impact of CC 2014-2017 (or above) and create a new composition (you need Element3D v2.2 to use)

2. Create a new solid layer and add the effect of the elements. (Effect / Video Copilot / Element)

3. Select Install Location

4. Click on the import inside the Element3D Installation location

5. Select my .e3d according to the model and click on the open button.

N/BIf you do not see the model, do not forget to right click on the model name and press the replace model select.

Topology of geometry:

- forms and proportions of The 3D model

- the geometry of the model was created very neatly

- there are no many-sided polygons

- detailed enough for close-up renders

- apply the Smooth modifier with a parameter to get the desired level of detail

• The model can be used for commercial purposes
• Individual animation
• Adverts and even shows.
• Can also be used for demo reels

N/B:- The model is multipurpose./Car turnaround.

Feel free to interact with this model and let me know your feedback on the comments. Comments shall be responded to in between 0700Hrs to 2200Hrs { +3:00 EAT }