Lamborghini Gallardo for Cinema 4D(c4d)

Lamborghini Gallardo for Cinema 4D(c4d)

This is highly accurate, high poly model of Lamborghini Gallardo 2006 made for Cinema 4D (R10). It was made using high detailed blueprints, and many reference images so it’s as close as possible to the real car.

This pack also includes 16 shaders, based on actual car paints used for real life Gallardo. Full list is here: + Rim Shader

Arancio Ymir    
Aranco Borealis Tri-Coat    
Balloon White    
Blu Caelum Metallic    
Blu Fontus Metallic    
Giallo Halys    
Giallo Midas Tri-Coat    
Grigio Altair Metallic    
Grigio Proteus Metallic
Grigio Reventon
Nero Noctis    
Nero Serapis Metallic    
Rosso Leto Metallic    
Verde Faunus Metallic    
Verde Ithaca Tri-Coat

Also it contains all other parts shaders (metal, plastic, rubber etc.)

NOTE: If you need more car paint shaders, you can also check this:

“19 Paint / Coating Shaders Pack For CINEMA4D (C4D)”

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