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great work… I like mario, but this mario is new to me :D

Thanks a lot mate.

Mario after he eats his mushroom :D

hahahah, thats awesome :D

love your models, keep em coming :)

any chance of some low poly versions – great for games! ;)

Thanks a lot mate,

yea lowpoly lego versions very soon :D

I join the praise. :)

Thanks man :D

Thank you mate :D

This is an amazing Model. Thank you.

I am really new to Maya, any advice on how you made the render look so good?

Hi, Sorry for the late response, in that Lego pic i was using other render program, if you want the same render quality go to www.keyshot.com and download the demo.

Very Nice Model I used it in a little animation I made. http://vimeo.com/21909317


That video was awesome great work!

Hey, i bought this item and is there a way that you can give me this modell as an .mdl format ?

Regards Alex

Hi! yes, give me your email so i can email it to you.

Regards Samir