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Great file! You should definitely add this into this competition: http://notes.envato.com/general/3d-game-model-competition/

@Lance….I guess this will be the winner if he does… :D

Thank U guys for Your feedback

Does it come with a scene file?

No, all the files are separate. But u can easily reproduce more advanced scene, with this set, in a few minutes. Good luck.

Hi Hellcaller,

I recently picked up this set via the Super Bundle on sale a week or two ago. Awesome set and tons of useful models. In fact, this set is why I purchased the bundle. Good job!

Unfortunately I can’t use them because they have overlapping UVs. I don’t suppose you have these models without the overlapping UVs?

I’m trying to use these in the UDK Mobile and the overlapping UVs are killing the lightmaps. Please let me know.

Thank you in advance.


Darius Portilla

I’m sorry to disappoint U but i had to overlap UVs to save UV layout space, texture memory and file size to achieve detailed look of the model…

This pack is huge… really cool.


Do you have the file that you used to create the preview images please?

Each of the models appears to have been modelled at different scales which is making it a nightmare for me to create a scene :(



Hi sry for late reply… was on vacation)). Give me Your mail

Unfortunately unity3d previews were removed so you can find some of the models “ingame” here http://www.kongregate.com/games/creosine/opposition-forces

hello I am creating a game for iphone / android, and now I’m starting, could use the model I have “with licensed regular” in my game?

sorry for my English. ‘m Dominican and use google XD

Hi jopmdev, i’am not good in this licensing stuff, try to reed this : http://3docean.net/licenses/regular_extended As far as i undarstand, if your game will be free u need regular license, if not – u need extended license.

I recently purchased this pack and love it – Hellcaller is very helpful and set it up into a unity package for me as well as altered texture sizes etc

Thank you so much!!

i’m glad i could help, hope to play Your game!

awesome pack for games .

thank U!

Wow, love this models!)