Low Poly Micro Dragon Fino

Low Poly Micro Dragon Fino

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Low Poly Micro Dragon Fino - 3DOcean Item for Sale

This is Fino, a low poly micro dragon! He is fully rigged and comes with an idle animation (frame 01-60). Fino actually spent the entire treasure he was supposed to guard on especially hot Mexican chillies. (Because he can’t breathe fire without them!)

Fino has a similar rig to the other micro creatures and can easily be animated.

As a side note I should add that Blender users will not get access to the rig nor the animation when buying this model until Blender has an .fbx importer.

update 22.04.2013

Added animations

  • frame 001-005: bind pose
  • frame 006-060: idle(flying)
  • frame 061-080: bite
  • frame 081-100: get hit front
  • frame 101-120: get hit left
  • frame 121-140: get hit right
  • frame 141-210: panic
  • frame 211-250: swoop down
  • frame 251-270: loop da loop
  • frame 271-310: land on ground
  • frame 311-346: die (air to ground)
  • frame 347-446: stirr on ground
  • frame 447-511: getup take off
  • frame 512-559: attack repeatedly
  • frame 560-650: dizzy
  • frame 651-728: talk
  • frame 729-791: laugh