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Hi there,

I can’t import .fbx to 3DMax9. Could you please to advice me?


Try one of these fbx plugins: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/item?siteID=123112&id=10775920 that should do the trick.

Now, it’s work

Thanks 9golfy

I try to import into modo, doesn’t work. Any tips?

Can you go into a little more detail? I have never worked with modo but it should be able to import .fbx files?

hey, do we have control for the wing ?

Yeah there are some bones in there so you can make them flutter :)

Is it possible to get some information on how to move and change textures on the dragon and also export it to photoshop. I am not very familiar with maya unfortunately. I would just like to have a few images of the dragon from different angles and with different textures.

If you don’t got the time to tell me, could you please point me to some quick tutorials?

Hi Millen! Thank you for your purchase. Could you tell me what program you are using to open the 3D file? Then I can probably tell you how to apply the textures. If you just want to use Photoshop I think you can import the .obj but I have not tried that yet. If you want to use Maya to do some renderings I can give you a quick step by step.

Yes I use Maya.

Alright! :) Well if you want to alter the texture obviously you’d do it in Photoshop or another paint program… and to apply the texture in maya and do some renderings you can follow these steps: http://screencast.com/t/KS1PFKdXF9d0

Hope that helps! Let me know if I misunderstood and it’s something else you are after.

Can you export as DAE please? it is imposible!

Try downloading the file again now and let me know if that works for you. I have never exported to DAE before so I might have done something wrong. :)

Wow, you are a genius, I would like to have the other models I have purchased in DAE, may I write a comment in all of them?

Sure go ahead

Hi, I cannot find any controls for the rig? Is there any or do i have animate with the joints? Or does it have anything to do with the fbx file??

There are no animation controls on the rig. The animations that are currently on there were made by animating the joints directly.

Hi! I want you to ask:

1) This rigs comes with controls to move it or do I have to work with deformations and bones?

2) In this particular rig Can I move his eyes?

3) How many controls do I have to animate it?

Thank you !

Hi! There are no animations handles, just the skeleton to which the mesh is bound. You can move only the pupils using bones or UV’s.

So funny :) Nice work!