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I love these characters, BitGem, great job! This one reminds me a little bit of the Gamorrean Guard from Return of the Jedi. :-)

Thanks Scott!

A Very nice model indeed. Love it very much. I have a question, how do you animate those eyes ? I mean changing the shape of the eye pubic from one to another? and not just by adjusting it in UVlayout. Thanks

Thank you for the purchase and kind words! The eye mesh is attached to a bone so it can be moved up, down, side to side etc. and the pupil can be changed by animating the uv layout.

good job beautiful models

Thank you! Yours are great too! Lowpoly FTW ! :)

Love these monsters and I’m using them in my new prototype for an iPad game. One issue though is that (and excuse the lingo, I have no clue abut 3d modelling) when I rotate the monster in my game the arm on the other side of the body is visible… Also, the horns on the helmet disappear at certain angles… I’ve imported the .fbx-file into unity

It’s an alpha sorting problem. Basically you just need to use two materials on the model in unity. One standard material for the solid body parts and one transparent for the eyes and such that require an alpha channel. Hope that helps! :). To get him to look like on the preview images you need to self illuminate the shader to some degree too.

Thank you, fixed it now :-) would you be interested in discussing letting me use these models in a released game?

Sure! That’s what they are here for :)

really nice wok, but i have problem with the display of eyes in 3dsmax alpha channel i think have you a solution for that thanks

Hi! Thanks for your purchase! I don’t really know my way around max that well but I am guessing that you will either need to turn on some sort of alpha sorting option OR apply the texture to the alpha channel of your shader as well.

Inportet this model from fbx file to Unity3d. It rendered incorrectry What i am doing wrong? And how to fix it?

It’s an alpha sorting problem. Use a cutout or transparent shader. :)