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loving the micro’s, keep up the good work.

Thanks! :) will do.

Looks really nice! how did you come up with this character?

Thanks! I think it was after having a little too much beer and feeling sick… :)

These micros are hilarious! Great modeling + texturing!

Cheers! :)

Updated the main file to fix some texture seem issues with the lowres texture.

would love to see

a) preview of the animations (youtube clip will do) b) .unitypackage format


keep up the great work :)

Thanks! Yeah am planning to make a video of them actually. So far it’s only an idle animation anyway. unitypackage is planned also but I need to find the time to make them as I am not so well versed with unity.

to MSFX , the animation on this particular model is brilliant. made my laugh anyways. omione you don’t have higher resolutions psd files for your older micros (chicken, pig, cow etc) by any chance? there in 256 but your newer additions go up to 2048 which are extremely useful.

Actually I do think I have them still… Will let you know when I have updated the files!

Sorry it took a while, I have updated the items with the high res texture now! So if you download them again they should be included. Let me know if you find anything wrong.

work the animation for cinema 4d? (r13)

There are no animations on there except for one idle animation. The .fbx should work in C4d though when you import it.

great work! are you going to make more “Micro” characters? Will be great to get more animations too, like talk animation.

Yes I will be making more soon and adding animations. Just need to get through some work loads first :).

Your renders are awesome. Love that cartoon effect you always use

Thanks! :) Just checked your GR stuff. It’s really successful! Grats!

Hi, I bought this item a few weeks ago. This Micro Zombie is awesome! But I wonder if I can use idle animation and detect a collision at the same time ?! Thank You

I am sure you can, but I can not tell you how it’s done. It depends on what engine you are using. Usually you can use the geometry or just add an invisible collider object (a simple box or sphere should do in this case)

Hilarious!! Love them! :) If you have more of them in the works please do a mean squid :)

Thanks! A squid is a great idea :).

I’m a huge fan of your work! Would you be open to creating a couple custom micro characters for a game?

Thank you! Yeah I am, I am just hard pressed for time atm. :)

Hi, I’m trying this in C4D both 12 & 13 version and also in AE through Videocopilot’s ELEMENT but there seems to be a problem when it comes to the eyes and hair… Here is an example of how it looks: http://postimage.org/image/qvfx3xwcl/ could you help me please??? Thnx in advance.

looks like the alpha channel is not working on your shader. I don’t really know my way around C4D but see of your shader has an alpha channel and apply the texture there too.

i dont see any animations other than the wobble

Yes that is the idle animation. That was the only animation on there as stated in the description. Since I have made some animations for the unity version I have updated them here as well. If you download the file again now it should have animations. Please let me know if there is a problem with the update. Cheers!

Looks really cool, nice done!


i really like this micro zombie, he looks great in unity. i just have one question about the facial textures.. in the image you post, this little zombie has several different facial expressions. i found different eyes in the texture file. how can i use them if i want to do something similar as shown in your image (like changing the eyes..).

thanks for your help!

You need to animate or shift the UV coordinates of the eyes on the texture. :)

And check the pictures here. http://postimage.org/image/tzdrm3oo9/ http://postimage.org/image/bxumoaund/ I can see the arm through the body.

Just make sure you use two materials, one solid & one transparent . See the following example using the unlit shader in unity http://i.imgur.com/0n4gCNA.gif http://i.imgur.com/9W5ocXd.gif

Please update the file with DAE support. ^^

Nice Work! =) Congratulations.

Thanks :)

Hi, Could you tell me how to export the animation frames to png file. I tried to do it, but failed. I am using Maya 2013.

Hey nhandsig! You can’t “export” them to .png so to say. You would have to choose the camera angle that you want and then render out every animation frame and save them as .png. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjcp75widX8

I tried the function “Render review” but the image got unwanted transparent effect. Could you help me more detailed tutorial. thanks http://postimg.org/image/nkth2x3xv/

Ok, that looks like one of those things that Maya sometimes does… best thing would be to create a new lambert shader, assign the texture to it (it should automatically fill in the transparency channel for you), assign it to all meshes, ramp up ambient color of the shader to white and turn off “enable default light” in the render settings. ... That should fix it.