Low Poly Mini Barbarian Girl Sonya

Low Poly Mini Barbarian Girl Sonya

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Get started quickly on a new game with this low poly, hand painted chibi barbarian girl character. She is bound to a skeleton and ready for animation.

To achieve the look as seen on the preview images the model needs to be self illuminated (flat shaded) to some degree in what ever 3D software or engine you are using. It comes in a range of formats that will easily import to all major 3D software packages or game engines out there.

Buy this item to download the model and accompanying files together with the license to use the work in a project (see license description).

Update! Animations added:

  • frame 000-000: t-pose
  • frame 002-018: walk
  • frame 021-035: run
  • frame 038-061: idle
  • frame 063-087: chop
  • frame 089-124: Spin Attack
  • frame 126-138: Stab
  • frame 141-159: Jump
  • frame 162-181: Uppercut
  • frame 184-216: Walk w/ Block
  • frame 219-231: Hit Right
  • frame 234-247: Hit Left
  • frame 250-279: Knockdown
  • frame 282-312: Double Chop
  • frame 315-347: 1 Handed Block
  • frame 351-381: Spawn From Above
  • frame 384-408: Hit Back
  • frame 411-433: 2 handed stab

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