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Do these trees render the underside of the leaves? What if a character walks under the tree and looks up, does the leaf render or does this render only on a one sided plane?

This package I was using alpha plane so it only has 1-side, I already added 2-side and send you soon:)

I’m curious about this question too. If the shader is 2-sided I’ll buy it.

Now I will add 2-sided, Thanks:)

I bought this and it’s not 2 sided. Going to request a refund from support now

Thank you for buying it, I will fix it now

Thanks, I will cancel my ticket once I have the files. Thanks again!

Hey dxqdesign, Can you send me the updated models too? Or let me know when its updated on here, just bought it.

Also, you should make the FBX one mesh. As a game developer, the less object meshes the better. :)

I’ve modified it according to your requirements, please send me your email address, I will send it to you now

Thank you very much! Much appreciated. shane.whitehouse@gmail.com

Bought this a while ago but only just checked it out. I can’t see the texture for the trunk anywhere? Just 3 different leaves. Help?

Let me know your email address, I will send it back to you soon :)

chebob69@gmail.com. Shouldn’t you update the file on here instead?

Please update the file! You’re selling an item that’s incomplete and doesn’t match the preview images that describe it.