Male Hero Low Poly Base Mesh in T-Pose

Male Hero Low Poly Base Mesh in T-Pose

Basic low-poly mesh of hero male body in T-Pose.
The body proportions are equal to the hero male proportions adopted in sculpture, comics, anime, manga, animated cartoons.
The model was designed to be a universal “stem cell” for more sophisticated specific topology like anatomic, sculpture, animation.
Two extra mesh density levels for head and limbs are provided: intermediate, advanced.
The model is good as a basis and 3D reference for modeling and sculpting male human, humanoid, android bodies with heroic proportions.

  • Model was made with clean topology based on loops and quads.
  • Three levels of mesh density for head and limbs are provided.
  • Each density level of mesh is put in a separate file.
  • Head and limbs positions are equal and can be easily combined to specific needs.
  • Advanced mesh of head features mouth pit and realistic ears.
  • Model has real world scale (system units – centimeters).
  • Base of model is at the World Origin (0,0) just above the grid.

The following formats are included in the pack:

  • max (Autodesk 3ds Max 2011, Scanline renderer)
  • ma (Maya 2011 (ASCII), Maya Software renderer)
  • mb (Maya 2011 (Binary), Maya Software renderer)
  • c4d (Cinema 4D R13, default renderer)
  • fbx (Autodesk FBX version 2013.3)
  • obj (Wavefront Technologies)
  • 3ds (3D Studio)
  • png (Preview images)
  • pdf (Readme)

FBX, OBJ and 3DS were exported straight from Autodesk 3ds Max.

Polygon count (vertices-6115, quads-6094, tris-none, ngons-none):

  • Start mesh: vertices-670, quads-668
  • Intermediate mesh: vertices-2011, quads-1994
  • Advanced mesh: vertices-3434, quads-3432
Textures: NO
UVW mapping: NO

Model dimensions: W=225cm, L=36cm, H=215cm

Materials: NO