Maserati Quat is a low poly readily textured. is one of the latest 2017 Maserati Quat series. This is a 3D classic model that has been designed and ready for use.
It’s really cool model and I highly recommend you to test it and comment back.

• All the textured are included
• GREY in color and can be is customization, with shiny body which is really awesome and well lite.
• Well textured, both inside and outstanding.
• The model is a low poly and not really that high detailed.
• It’s long enough and can be re-sized
• For small machine users this model fits your machine very well in that it does not consume most of your RAM since all history has been cleared and with the fact that few polygons are used,the model works perfectly.


Why this Model?
• The model can be used for commercial purposes
• Individual animation
• Adverts and even shows.
• Can also be used for demo reels


Feel free to interact with this model and let me know your feedback on the comments. Comments shall be responded to in between 0700Hrs to 2200Hrs { +3:00 EAT }