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dear buyers. please feedback positive/negative comments to get this small tool’s updates.

English installer?

thanks for suggestion forgotten. update of english installer uploaded. waiting approval.

Would it be possible to make a version with a selectable font size – having a little hard to read the text – otherwise great tool – thx!

bingo. I thought same! will update and notify to nite. (after picnic:) )

note: Im not responsible to who dont have a minimum windows7. and monitor resolution setted to its natural resolution. and also who uses bad-antivirus-tools

if you see ugly gray preview in lines 2,3,4:
its because you are using an old defected windows XP or defected win7 which “theme service” (services.msc) is stopped manually.
please use a clean PC without any problems

Now my shelf is neat thanks!

Thank Jvoxel! Means a lot to me :)

Hi, the background color doesn’t change when i select a different color. It doesnt change if i select a preset either.

I got the background color to update by toggling the color line button on and off..is that how its meant to work?

oh and i READ THE DESCRIPTION..and im USING WIN7 and themeing is ON. :)

if you mean app doesnt working as expected / colors wont showing. I can show off you whats wrong with your system within 1 minute if you send a remote request by sending teamviewer id/pass by contacting me kursatturkay at hotmail dot com on facebook. if you request teamviewer help, problem will fix. otherwise I cant help.
a small tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyFdNlyqmFE
(480p +cinema mode is suitable)

I can’t seem to get this to run. When I launch it, I can see the process running in Task Manger, but no interface ever pops up. Running windows 7/64. Themes services is running and monitor is in native resolution. Thanks

did you tried alt+tab? please send a remote teamviewer request id/pass by contacting me kursatturkay at hotmail dot com on facebook.(teamviewer remote help application). by the way I can detect system problems within a minute and solve problem. otherwise you have to install a clear windows7/8.1/10.

Yes, of course tried alt tab. I tried running it on a second machine and the interface at least came up, but the fonts were all chewed up and the output just produced a color swatch. Again, themes service is running and monitor is set to native resolution. Unfortunately I work for a film company so security is tight, so letting you remote into the machines is not really an option. I’m pretty windows savvy, so perhaps you could tell me what settings you’d change if you VNCed in.

- is windows english native ? I didnt tested this small tool on german/chinese windows native before.

- probably you dont have administrator account (limited user) because of app generates a few temporal files. and OS/antivir seems deny it. if your login account level is administrator. please try to lowest level of UAC (User Account control. press windowsbutton and type UAC and press enter).

something (antivirus ? or limited windows user account) seems deny app work normally. (denies to generate temporal 2 files of this small tool). -so. and thus, did you right click to app “run as administrator” ?

- I really have nothing to do without teamviewer for facing (facing allows fixing) the conflictions of the operatings system. Im afraid VNC have no proxy support to reach inner PC behind firewalls.

If I were this kind of problem. I would generate icons on a clean pc than would transfer to orginal PC (a shared dropbox XBMLANGPATH environment directory maybe)

Cool Item! Good Luck!


Hello, very good job and good luck in your sales.


Hi! I appear to be missing a typeface or something for this to render out like the preview. The FAVORITE THEMES all look fine, but when I select them and the template is in the PREVIEW window, the fonts don’t look the same at all.

EDIT: Apologies… ran as administrator. All fixed.

This is fantastic! Your tool is a huge time saver for me.

My one comment/request is font size control, it’s a little small for my screen, though I see from the readme file that’s on your list already :). Looking forward to the update!

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Such an inspiring icon generator. just loved it..I’m working on table saws, wood tools and interior designing. I want this one for my website. how can I buy this?