Mi-8MT Mi-17MT Left Triangular Board English

Mi-8MT Mi-17MT Left Triangular Board English

Realistic 3d model of Left Triangular Panels Board of Helicopter Mi-8MT / Mi-17MT

Game ready – perfectly fits for Unity and Unreal
Low poly
Real world scale
Units used: cm

- The model is animated. All pivots are in the right positions.
- The model has trialngular and quadrangular polygons only (11.4% tris and 88.6% quads)
- The model has logical hierarhy
- The model has 100% Scale, placed in 0,0,0 coordinates and doesn’t have rotations
- The model has 15 separate objects (Draw Calls)
- The model is available with prints in Russian language (https://3docean.net/item/mi8mt-mi17mt-left-triangular-board-russian/23099807)
- The model has dimensions 24×19 x 4 cm (9.5×7.5×1.6 inches)
- The model contains
6 444 polys
12 152 tris
6 782 verts

- All parts placed in one layer and joined in one group
- All parts have one material and can be easily merged, if you don’t need animation.
- All parts are fully UV unwraped. No multi-materials or color fills.
- All parts and materials have logical names and ready for coding. (no names such as Object001 or Default – 01)
- Some identical parts have the same UV coordinates (overlapped). It saves textel resolution and does not influence on Ambient occlusion map (no black spots)

- PBR textures are available for Specular-Glossiness and Metalness-Roughness workflows

Textures (*.PNG):
Main 2048×1024:

- Diffuse
- Specular
- Glossiness

- Base color
- Metallic
- Roughness

- Normal
- Ambient Occlusion
- Emission

Originally created with 3ds Max 2015. No 3rd party plugins required.

Software used:
– 3ds Max 2015 for modeling
– UV Layout for unwrapping
– Photoshop and Substance Painter for texturing
– Marmoset Toolbag and V-Ray for rendering

NOT included with the file:
- Light rig/HDRI
- Rulers plane
- Photoshop and Substance Painter source files