Modern Kitchen Interior 001

Modern Kitchen Interior 001

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Modern Kitchen Interior 001

(Note that this is a Vray Scene)

Beautiful and Modern looking Kitchen with huge windows which gives a compfortable warm Atmosphere.

Orginal Kitchen Elements from Designa.

Inspired through great Designers

such as :

Poul Henningsen (PH Lamp)

Charles Eimes, (Eimes Chair)

Designa (Kitchen)

philippe Starck (Faucet/Sink)

This is a Render Ready Scene!

Main Render Time/Quality

Elapsed Render Time 00:10.31 (incl. 3 Prepasses)

4096×2214 (Medium Quality with V-Ray::Indirect Illumination)

Computer Specs

i7-2600 3.40ghz 16 GB DDR3 Ram GTX 590

Lights :

Uses VraySun which is optimised for a goodlooking daytime sunlight.

The kitchen itself has 5Vray Lights,

3 spots under kitchen shelves. 1 room light in the middle of the kitchen. 1 light at the left side.

Work around with these and make it look as you like.

Then i worked out a super Render Setup which features :

V-Ray::Indirect Illumination V-Ray::Light cache V-Ray::Image Sampler (Antialiasing) V-Ray::Global Switches V-Ray::Adaptive subdivision image sampler V-Ray::Color Mapping (Exponential) V-Ray::Frame Buffer

Remember you can choose between Very Low & Very High Settings.

Camera :

This Scene has a single VrayPhysicalCamera

Materials/Textures Included

High Detailed Modern Living Room

- High Poly Furnitures/Elements Included :

Plant w/ Vase, Crosley Radio, Eames Designer Chair, Blinds for windows, Kubus Candlestick, HEKTAR Lamp, does not have bulb in it, Detailed Tiled Floor (6000×8000 Texture Included) Designa Kitchen Elements High Detailed Knife Set Oven (HotPoint) A Bowl with fruits (Bananas, And Peaches) Cafe Table, Rancillio Espresso Machine + cups + glasses philippe starck Faucet/Sink PH Lamp (This lamp has no interior inside, its made just for outside rendering) Lightswitch Picture Frame


The Books on the shelf, since it is a product i have bought only for my own use!

The Picture in the Picture Frame, since my girl will not let me sell her work.

Poly/Vert Count

Overall polys 951827 Overall Verts 812326

Rendered With VRay Adv 2.40.03 (3dsmax 2013)

Many File Formats :

.max 2010/2011/2012/2013 .fbx (no textures) .dwg .dwf .dxf .obj

Best Regards