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awesome work! Are the treasure chests animated? If not could you provide an opening and closing animation?

Very nice work!

Thanks man! Glad you like it!

Wow! Your work is golden! Serious business Sir!

lol well glad you think so. I think I still have a ways to go but hopefully I can keep adding some more good stuff. Just need to find the time.

Awesome work, mate, gl! :)

Thanks a lot! :D

Nice file! this could come in really sweet for game developers! Somehow it does remind me of the Dungeon Keeper game.. (Which is a comlpiment ;) )

Keep it up!

Yeah someone already hit me up about it and possibly doing more work. Glad you like it :)

this is sick!!! totaly would play this stuff if it would be a game!

lol yeah if I knew a game engine I would make a one level puzzle :P

WOW ! Amazing work!

Great stuff Jeremiah, best of luck with sales!

:D Thanks man! Didn’t think I would sell it but it seems I actually did!

Waste if not able to use in games!

Not sure I follow you? Are you saying that you can’t use it in games? Or are you saying that it is a shame that it is a shame if it is not used?

Wow! This is super work!

Awesome! Glad you like! :)

Hi there. Seriously considering purchasing this item, but I was wondering specifically about compatibility with C4D , as I do all my 3d work in there..

I’ve had some texture issues in the past with models purchased from other sites that have a .max and .obj file. I actually think the problem lies in the way C4D handles .obj files, since it doesn’t import the .mtl if i remember correctly.

If I was to purchase this is there any way you could export the model packs as another format like .dae or .3ds? If so that would seal the deal for me =]

Oops! Sorry I didn’t get to you sooner. I don’t come through here regularly… but I guess your question has been answered considering I have talked to you through email.

I guess the only reason textures would have issues is if the mapping coordinates did not transfer over. Possibility that the artist didn’t export it correctly? idk. lol

But yeah the best way to contact me is through email. I should reply within a day or so.


Just wanted to let anyone whos looking at the comments know that this pack is freakin sick. Everything works great, the author support is stellar too!

I am really glad you like it man! :D The least I can do to show my appreciation for people buying it is help them out if they need it.

I really appreciate the support :)

Hey guys! Picked this pack up a couple weeks ago but just got around to playing with it. What is the missing plugin for 3DS Max? 3Point Shader, I believe it’s called. Anyone have a link? Thanks!

:) I hope you like the pack. 3Point Shader is a realtime shader for 3ds max. Great for quickly displaying single models and lighting situations while you are texturing. You can get it here.


The quality of the texture work and low-poly models are great. But just a heads-up to anyone else buying it: none of the max files come with materials. So you’ll have to spend a few hours going through each folder, creating materials and applying them to the right part of the model before they’re of any use in 3DS Max.

If you just want to load the files into a game engine then the obj files are good to go! There’s no provided list of object alignment sizes though, so again be prepared to work out for yourself exactly how the bits snap together (don’t assume it’s on bounding box, each piece is different).

Very happy with this set, just posting this to save confusion for any future buyers.

Thanks PhotonStorm!

Update the max files and you got another buyer here :)

hey , is the “capper” or the top of the models for the walls , rooms etc meant to have no uv mapping? it looks weird just having it black instead of a tiled texture