Mother and her baby for 3D Print

Mother and her baby for 3D Print

_ Mother and her Baby ready to 3D Print  _

The love of a mother

Sculpture with high resolution geometry of a mother hugging her baby. It represents the bond, the new life, the unconditional love of a mother, and the formation of a family.

A special figure:

Perfect symbolic and decorative piece, which will generate a pleasant atmosphere and give conversation topic. Also, it can be a very special gift for a mother, grandmother, or even a friend.

I made this sculpture with great dedication and affection, since I was inspired by my mother and all the mothers who give love to their children.


Faces: 575,791 / Verts: 576,530 / Tris: 1,153,108

* In the .3ds format, the resolution has been lowered to 65,530 Tris.
* In the .dxf format, the resolution has been lowered to 115,310 Tris.

Formats included:

- Mother_and_her_Baby.blend (Native format)
- Mother_and_her_Baby.stl (Recommended format for 3D printing)
- Mother_and_her_Baby.obj (Generic format)
- Mother_and_her_Baby.3ds (Autodesk 3ds format)
- Mother_and_her_Baby.fbx (Autodesk format)
- Mother_and_her_Baby.dae (Collada format)
- Mother_and_her_Baby.ply (Polygon file format)
- Mother_and_her_Baby.dxf (Drawing exchange format for AutoCAD)
- Mother_and_her_Baby.x3d _(Format for OpenGL and more)

Default measurements:

Width (X): 3.9 cm / Long (Y): 5.1 cm / Height (Z): 9.7 cm

Equivalent to: 1.53×2.00×3.81 in

* The measurements can be changed with any 3D management software

Technical data:

The 3D model is completely hollow and closed, ready for 3D printing

Normal price:

Only $ 15 USD (Fifteen dollars)


- If you have a 3D printer at home, remember when printing in 3D, specify in the software the desired measurements, and the system of units (metric or imperial)
- 3D printing material defines the color and strength of the object, so choose the material carefully before printing.
- If you are going to print the sculpture to a company, I recommend it to be a professional 3D printing service. Always remember to specify to the company the measurements, the material, and the color you want in the sculpture.


Please, any gratefuls, questions, or complaints, send me a private message or send me a email to . I will try to answer as soon as possible.