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Hello, Can i import it in to Cinema 4D with the controls. Nice work buy the way.

Hi, I´did not tested on C4D (yet).... I see you bought the character…. How it works for you? Please tell your impression or recomendations for futher improvements…. THANKS!

Hi, I´m working on a New Character (Miss Secrey) and one Update for Mr Techny (with several improvements, it will be free for downlad to old buyers).... if you have some recomendations it will be usefull to read… Thanks!

Really? One lady sat to wait as a partner of Mr. Techny. Please Let me definitely know if you made the update on techny and the lady in question


We’ve just purchased your 3D model. We work with Blender, so we’re using the .obj file.

When we try to animate Mr. Techny, mesh tear apart. We don’t understand what the problem could be. If you give us a private e-mail we could send you a screenshot to identify the problem.

We’ve already sent a private message from your profile some weeks ago. Please let us now.

Hi, I send you a private-email to solve this faster. Aditional info: I´m working on a Mr Techny full-rigged version on Blender, and will be included on April 2014 on and update (to version 2) to give support to all Blender users.

Whats is comming on version 2 (Release on: April 2014) aditional Morph-shapes for facial animation, A Blender file includes (full-rigged for key-animation by hand and MoCap compatible), and others improvements.

Thanks a lot!


can i use Miss Servey and Mr Techny in the same project ?

And is the project : Afghanistan: Middle-East Environment ?

Thank You

Hi Patrick, wich 3D software are you using?... If you are using 3DS Max you can use “Merge” to use the two characters in te same project… if your are using MAYA you need to use “Import FBX” to use the characters…. notice that for FBX > Maya you may need to adjust the materials and renderer setup. If you are using Blender on next week I will to update Miss Secrey to include a Blender version (FK-IK rig) and for Mr. Techny I will update on April 2014 to version 2 (with new morph shapes and a Blender version too).

Hi! Any news on Mr. Techny version 2.0? Thanks a lot.

Hello. First of all, congrats for this product. For what I could see up to now, it’s GREAT job indeed.

It may be just what I need.

Now, not being a CAT user, i saw that video (the motion capture part). Why CAT and biped are showing at same time. I need to know for sure that there is a specific Biped rig. It looked like one skeleton was warped or something to the other to follow. Sorry my ignorance if that’s not even possible (this kinda of warp). Just tell me, please, about the biped version ok?

Looking foward for the client to give green light so I can buy it.

Thank you. And again. Great promissing product.

Eduardo SG.

That’s right! Years ago i had a go on CAT but I found it hard to edit mocaps at the time and i abandoned it. Maybe i should revisit it someday. CS is a great tool and they sholdnt have stopped the development. Ill be buying it today and hurry praticing!. Thank you for the time to reply.

Just bought it! Im very impressed. Max 2012 all working great. You deserve more sales. Thank you.

If you freelance please contact me for next job offer.

very good but a little expensive for me this is 300 Türkish lira

Does it work in cinema 4D?