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Second item I buy from you and once again, great quality. Clean topology, well fit for animation. Great job.

Thank you so much Docskull.

Thank You!!! Looks like you do amazing work. I am going to have to keep my eye on your work!

Thanks DigitalChica.

how can i look it. is this a animation

No, it is not animated. It is a polygon base mesh.

how can i use it

Before the animation process, the model needs to be rigged first using any 3D program.

thank for sharing

thanks duduche.

thanks for the share!

Thanks ameenullah..

Thanks for sharing

Thanks FreeWater..

I’ve never used 3d art. I have Adobe CC 2014 After Effects. Will this import and allow me to manipulate? Thanks for sharing! This looks great. I’m very hopeful! :confused:

It is a basic model, ready to be used for sculpting or rigged and then animate. To manipulate the model it should be imported into any 3D program.

Really nice!! Thanks for sharing!! All the best!!

Thanks errebimedia :)

Thank you Amardeep. Great work!

Thanks rebeccagg.

Thanks Amardeep. Real good stuff! This will definitely come in handy for some rigging exercises! And of course if I ever make anything of it you’ll be the first to know. :)

Sure, please do let me know. Thanks LuislbarraAnimator.