Palace of Soviets is one of the most famous unfinished architectural projects in history. The huge (the biggest and tallest in the world) building would have become the symbol of the victory of socialism, the symbol of a new country and new Moscow. The 316-meter palace was to be crowned by the 100-meter statue of Lenin. The total area of the building was to be 11 hectares, and weight – one and a half million tons. Before the World War II the base of high-altitude part of the Palace was built, the construction of steel frame started. After June 22, 1941 concrete, granite, steel and other construction materials were required for completely different purposes.

File formats: 3ds Max 2015, OBJ, FBX, 3DS, Unity 2018.3.0

Game ready – perfectly fits for Unity and Unreal Low poly Real world scale Units used: meters

=========== - The model has 100% Scale, placed in 0,0,0 coordinates and doesn’t have rotations

- This model has 10.747 polys 18.175 tris 12.617 verts

- All parts are fully UV unwraped. No multi-materials or color fills. - All parts and materials have logical names and ready for coding. (no names such as Object001 or Default – 01) - Some identical parts have the same UV coordinates (overlapped). It saves textel resolution and does not influence on Ambient occlusion map (no black spots) - PBR textures are available for Specular-Glossiness and Metalness-Roughness workflows

Textures 4096×4096(*.PNG):

- Diffuse - Specular - Glossiness

- Base color - Metallic - Roughness

- Normal - Ambient Occlusion

Originally created with 3ds Max 2015. No 3rd party plugins required.

Software used: - 3ds Max 2015 for modeling - UV Layout for unwrapping - Photoshop and Substance Painter for texturing - Marmoset Toolbag and V-Ray for rendering

NOT included with the file:

- Light rig/HDRI

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