Plane Airborne Early Warning and Control

Plane Airborne Early Warning and Control

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Plane Airborne Early Warning and Control - 3DOcean Item for Sale

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It is a Airborne early warning and control(AEW/AWAC) plane, it is also capable of being a Strategic Airlift, pretty much a multi-purpose four-engined plane, some other AEW are based on this model as well.
HDR and 3D Model files are compress using winRAR to save space and for you to download faster
This project was done in Maya

About the history of this plane on Wiki:
Other names:
Ilyushin Il-76 (NATO reporting name: Candid)
KJ2000 (NATO reporting name: Mainring)
Beriev A-50EI Mainstay

What it does:

You could use it in any movie/film project. It is been done bearing animation-ease-of-use in mind, in fact, it is animation ready model, it looks great at both far and close to medium distance.

3D Model Description:

Polycount: 20957 face
UV: Yes, individually mapped
Texture: Including minimum 1K(1000×1000) to 4K(4200×4200) .JPG color texture
bump map & speculative map
HDRI: Including 2 HDR spherical map(2048px*1024px), both in .TIF format

What is in the .ZIP package:

  • .OBJ included
  • 26 .JPG maps
  • 2 Bonus HDRI maps
  • 1 Maya .MB file
  • 1 Object .OBJ file

.OBJ File is universal

The .OBJ file was easy to use, you can use any 3D software and just import it, and wow you just got yourself a UV mapped model, simply use any metallic(unless you want plastic plane) material and point the color texture to the color section, if you know 3D stuff, you know you don’t need me to say how to use material, it is easy as a cake. Even more so in 3Ds max, and also other applications, like Modo, Lightwave, etc…

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