Discussion on Planet Earth - Realistic 3D World Globe

Discussion on Planet Earth - Realistic 3D World Globe

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Gratefully appreciated… Cheers!!! )

thank you, amazing 3d globe

congrats for the free item of the month buddy,superb job :) GL

thanks man

Looks fantastic! Thanks for making it file of the month.

Very nice well done

thank you, fantastic 3d globe

enjoy it, remember to rate it in your downloads section :)

enjoy it, remember to rate it in your downloads section :)

Just FYI and to all buyers, the elevations via bump are entirely incorrect. You can’t take NASA’s height map as 1:1 as that will not work properly in any main 3D editor because the scale and sea level will be completely wrong.

In other words.. incorrect elevations = opposite of realistic. See pic https://i.imgur.com/a2jmYjS.jpg

Hi,I love your work.. I have a website which sells app services, just like this webiste https://cpidroid.com/.. My website is a Wordpress website, if I use this, it will increase the page loading time of my website?

hey smmmedia, sorry for late reply. I’m not sure what you mean, if you just want to use a .jpg image on your website, you just have to be sure is saved in a decent quality but not too high.

If you want to use the 3D file itself in the website I have no idea, but I think it will take time to load.

Hello iam new in the world. Just purchase based 3d printer love to print such globe and paint . Please could you help.me with how to convert this files or get them work wit any slicer. I like to print just textured globe from white pla filament. Thank a lot Marek

Hi I would like to help you on this but I’m totally ignorant about the matter. Hopefully Google will help..Good luck!

Hey there. thanks for this. The file’s great, however, there seems to be a couple of images missing? There seems to be bump.jpg and specular.jpg missing. Any ideas?

hi! Thanks to you for buying.

I checked and they’re inside the package. If you have a problem and don’t find them, write me through my profile and I will send them to you.

They’re inside the .zip you downloaded, but I didn’t make a subfolder so maybe when you extracted the files you didn’t notice them :)

Excellent work. Is it possible for you to design a 3D logo for our company? We have a website related to security software. A designer created a 3D logo for us and he demanded a decent price but his work is poor So we want a unique 3D logo for our website. Can you design a 3D logo for us?

hello albertjhon292,

I recommend you trying other freelance platform to find the exact professional you need like fiverr.com or freelance.com or also Envato Studio https://studio.envato.com/ and you should be able to find the perfect designer for you.

The designers there are more “logo designers” than I am.

Thanks a lot for your comment!