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great work man !

thanks Phileas

Congrats on email promotion! :) You deserve it buddy!

thanks mate, really appreciate this

Hi there. If I will purchase extended license, can I use this awesome thing in my themeforest projects?

OMG!! Buddy your thing made my template :) Just look at this baby. Link

Anyway full version will relese to the end of this week. It’s looks 1000 times better on live website.

Have relesed the template. Take a look. It’s my latest work.

Oh man, it’s so beautifull! Thanks!!!

Giallo, It’s me again :) Have you ever tried to import it to Element 3D (its an After Effects Plugin)?

Because I have tried to import it there and it loked liked this (one is c4d and the odther is obj file imported). I have linked the diffuse map and normal bump, but it gives me those really weird artefacts – check the screenshots https://www.dropbox.com/sh/111cdd1sig0kzmn/H7KykoGa-_ Also, I’ve noticed the “light” objects within it hmmm… I expected just the globe there and add the lights in After Effects.

Well… any ideas how could I make it work?

Although I have completed a 13 hour course for Maya about 6 months ago, I have forgotten all of it I’m total noob again so I can’t even help myself heheh… I will not use your file for the project now because it would cost me too much time and my deadline near :stress:, but I would like to use it one day in future with the AE Element 3D plugin…


Hi Misterhorse!! thx for purchasing. Honestly I’m not into After Effects or Element 3D…To have the exact same scenery you see in the preview I suggest you to use one of the most common softwares like Cinema 4D, 3D StudioMax, Rhinoceros, or Maya. I suggest you also to check if the software you’re using supports the format you’re opening, have you tried opening all the file formats included?

You can also delete the lights and remake them in your favourite 3D software if they look good, it is a common fact that when you open a 3D file made with another software something maybe missing/different.

The hard work honestly is the textures: so you could even redesign this World in your favourite 3D software in seconds:
1- Make a sphere
2- Apply the bump map, and the texture
3- Set a scenery (lights)

Is faster and more efficient to “remake” it than trying to find the problem. Let me know! chheers

Sorry for my late response.

Thanks much for your answer. I’ll try out the rebuilding trick. btw I would recommend you to check out the Element 3D plugin, at videohive.net is a whole category dedicated to this plugin. It’s really a cutting edge plugin, your earth model would be really great asset if it would be easily importable.

Thanks much again, regards.


Thanks to you MH for suggesting this. I didn’t know it, definetely something I’ll look into. Good luck on your project!

Thank you!

Oh, this look rly nice. So real, nice!


I LOVE this model, really. Sometimes I just open it to see how awesome it looks.

hahah thanks buddy, I really appreciate this

Awesome model. i will defiantly buy it as soon as possible.

thank you ravii, users are happy with this model no complains till now. Good luck

Nice job! Looks great! Keep it up!

Hi Giallo, Great looking model. Does the c4d file contain the lighting as well? Would like to animate but make sure it looks as good as your setup. Thanks!

hello yes it contains lighting and scenery also.

hello yes it contains lighting and scenery also.

Hi there. If I will purchase extended license, can I use this awesome thing in my Graphicriver projects?

i want this thing be a part of my design. in PSD file

Hi, yes if you purchased the extended license you can include parts of this into your .psd.

Nice Work! =) Congratulations.

thank you :D

This is very useful. Great work!

Hello Giallo, Thanks for the model I really like it, I just want to ask if you have a large texture of the earth than the actual to do some close up shot without being a bit blurry ? if the answer is No, Is your texture was corrected in Photoshop ? if there is a chance can I send you a double size my earth texture 16200×8100 to do the same corrections ? Thanks again !

Hi Giallo

Great work!!!

I am importing it into photoshop but all i see is this:https://cl.ly/0k1Z1p2N0×1O

I want to show parts of the americas and europe as well.

How can i simply turn the globe around to get the view i need?

What’s the process i need to follow?

Thank you for your help

Hello Corrado sorry for late answer it depends on the software you’re using, probably you should look for something like “how to rotate 3d model in 3DstudioMax” (for example)

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