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Very Nice Scene and best of hdr lighting setup

thanks for sharing for us

This file include the objects showed in the examples? in order to positioning reference to get the same render as examples. Nice work

Yes you put on any objects and put the vray metarials and you only press render you will see the same renders

The Spheres is OK, just to have a guide. Buying it this weekend. Thanks for quick answer

Thanks, my friend

I thought this uses Vray camera..i tried adding vray cam but it ocomes out black. any idea?

basicly you can add vray cam

01-add vray cam

02-white balance is custom

03-shutter speed is 1

04- ok it is the same normal camera

if you import this vray cam file .include is only vray cam.pls download and import file


am ready to buy, but, if i turn the background off ¿can i use vray alpha with no problem in lights results? regards

I think not a problem. you can turn off the backround.alpha channel is ok. I tried for you pls look at the my trying render .


Excelent. Bought it. ¿The difference between this file and the other with white background is just the background color?

white scene is a little different settings.. but you can change some color and settings may be you can make.

Could you save it for 3ds max 2013 with vray 2.0?

thank you! ;)

thank you for buying if any problem and asking to me sent me massage here

it works, thank you!