Polaris Ranger RZR 1000

Polaris Ranger RZR 1000

The model was created based on a real model and all the details that make the model close to reality were added

Features and details of the model

  • A detailed model is ready for use in various projects and also ready to print so that all parts are separate objects ready for printing
  • It is very easy to make changes and modifications to the materials
  • Textures are not used because all the details are sculpted and are objects
  • All parts are separate objects that can be easily removed or modified
  • All objects are named
  • Preview images contain some images that show more details about separate objects and the format of available files
  • Total Polygons : 765920
  • Total Vertices : 628130
  • Total Objects : 23
  • The Model is complete as in the preview images
  • Full model of inside and outside
  • Clean modeling
  • The model was tested on a game and is very good
  • Perfect for games and animation

[ Help ] in the preview images a set of pictures that show you the files and parts.

* Note // If you need a question or inquiry about the model you can contact me and I am able to answer all questions
* Note // If you need to make some changes to the form before buying it can be requested and I am able to do so
* Note // If the price specified is not suitable for you ! you can offer price and I will review it
* Note // If you need any part of this 3D Models you can contact me and I will provide the part you want for you
* Note // If you need a professional and comprehensive service I am able to establish long term cooperation

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