Discussion on Radio Telefunken Jubilate

Discussion on Radio Telefunken Jubilate

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beautiful work congrats!

thank you!

Hi! This is a very beautiful model. Wish you to continue with a good work!

Hi, in fact the model was created back in march 2010, I have other models, but it’s not everything I am willing to sell, because the prices here seem to be little too low for the effort I put in the models :D

Great work! I have so similiar radio at home, about 60 years old :)

thank you. :)

Very well modeled and textured, nice piece ;)

Looks amazing, but I would optimize the front grill with texture, you can do similar thing with opacity map, looks a bit too heavy (over 1 million poly). Anyway, its a great model, good luck :D

Thanks, yeah I realy do have a texture map/w op.map based model instead of this. But I didn’t include it in this sale, it looks not so realistic on closeup renders.

Thats what I thought, because close-up looks very cool, incredible detail on that grill!

Cool one m8… good work!

Thank you!

great looking model, wish you good sales.

Thank you

What program do i use to open this file? Sorry for the inconvenience .

Hi tomortega, as writen in description on the right of the file: Created In 3ds max 2011, so you need at least this version of Autodesk 3Ds Max to open it. No other formats are available at this time. Thank you.

Nice model. Weird thing is.. if I submit a MAX only object it gets refused and I need to include .obj and what not in order for it to be accepted. Ow well.

Designburo, the truth is the model was submitted in 2010, at that time there wasn’t the rule about obligatory obj file included. So it was accepted right away, was featured file for a week that year and got sold quite a few times and lastly I decided to make it free for all. It will obtain an overhaul update soon after january with optimised mesh, better details and 6-7 formats included. Thank you.

thanks for the tunes :)

You’re welcome! :)

Thanks Luckyfox

( a freeloader for now) :)

You are welcome, Lorenzo. Be sure to check out this same file past the January month. It will obtain a good and much needed update, maybe you’ll even want to buy it. :)

Hi Luckyfox.. good job bro… and thx for it.. :)

You are welcome Dkasparov, cheers.

Awesome work! Thank you for all the amazing effort and your skill.

Thank you for the kind words! And you are welcome! :)