Discussion on Realistic Pro DJ Controller Pioneer DDJ SZ, in 3 different skins

Discussion on Realistic Pro DJ Controller Pioneer DDJ SZ, in 3 different skins

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Hello, it doesn’t work propely when i try to import it in my 3D vizualiser. Could My software is compatible with .3ds .3dl .x .dxf, thank you

Hello, thank you for reply, i’m trying to import it but i have the same problem with the file! I’ve spoke with an expert of the software i’m currently working with and he said that the file was way too huge for the software to handle. If it’s not to much to ask, could it be possible to have a compressed/reduced size file? Here is a screenshot! I don’t need a lot of detail since the camera is moving around the stage and people won’t focus on the turntables

thank you!

https://imgur.com/rLaUDK2 https://imgur.com/JiXTQVd

Please contact me by message (in my profile, there is a section in the right column, where you can send me a message) and so I get your email, I will try to do it, I do not guarantee anything, since the project is made for Cinema 4D, the rest of the files are conversions from that format.

Hi again!! I already answered you via email, check your email, greetings, take care!

Thank you for your kind gesture here… Really useful 3D graphic for a current project. ;-)

Charming, I’m glad it served you

You welcome!

I am crazy of your 3D art. Great work! Thank you so much. :)

Thks! Coming soon there will be more “crazy”, ... I am finishing a big project that I will present here, exclusively in 3D Ocean

Hi. Do I need Cinema 4D r12 to edit this, as in change colors out and taking buttons out??? Thank you.

Hi! Any version of Cinema 4D from V12 you can modify textures, colors, shapes…

Yeah, that’s the thing. I don’t have Cinema 4D. I thought maybe I could open the file thru an Adobe app. Thank you though for the quick reply.

Hi again!

You can open it with a 3D application that can read compatible files in this project, the file formats are: 3ds, obj (standard) and c4d.

Adobe After Effects can read OBJ files a free plugin can read Cinema 4D file

Awesome…!!! Much appreciated… Happy New Year!!! :)

You welcome, tnks!!