Realsky HDRI BlueClear 1548


This 32bit HDRI map allows highly detailed real-world lighting to be used to light your 3D scenes. This technique is also known as “Image Based Lighting”. This map offers noise free ultra high detail (15k) and very high dynamic range in 32bit per channel .exr format.

The map itself and supplied 15k jpeg image offers enough resolution as backplate even for cinema quality.

Taken from real sky (not digitally rendered) using auto bracketing and stitched from RAW files for best quality.

Included formats in zip file:

15k (15000×7500 pix) 32 bit EXR file

15k (15000×7500 pix) 8 bit tonemapped JPEG file

MeasuredDynamic range: 21.18 EVs (Highest dynamic contrast in the market)

Sun altitude: 11 degrees

Shooting time: 15.48

On 41st parallel when shooting in October and at 15.48 it gives 11 degrees sun angle.

You can calculate correct time of day for your project using this angle and your latitude-longitude. For example Vray Sun or Mental Ray Sun tool has that algorithm for calculation.

If you will have memory issues and don’t need super high resolution renders then you can scale down the exr map with Photoshop and can use lower res. version. For example I used 2k version when rendering sample renders of this file.