Residential concept volume-01

Residential concept volume-01

“Residential Building Concept (volume-01)”

Created: 05/01/2018

Md. Liajur Rahman

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  • . Full Rendered

  • . JPEG Image file

  • . Image size 1200×850

  • . Extra Editing-Adobe Photoshop CS

  • . Printable

  • . Main file-AutoCad 2007

  • . PDF Available

  • . Easy editable

  • . Size can you wish.

  • . Print ready
  • . Fronts info included in the help file

  • -----------


  • .Ground floor plan
  • .1st floor plan
  • .typical floor plan
  • .Base-ment floor plan
  • .Layout plan
  • .Roof plan
  • .Project description
  • .FAR claculation
  • .Site Plan

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