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I can see a brilliant use for this script when modeling walls, towers and buildings! But in the preview when you put max 34 pieces, it clearly does not divide 34 times, how does the max divide system work?

Its because your polygon have not enough vertex to generate combinations. to solve this limiations. just manually increase vertex number of polygon.

eg: select your polygon and run this mel command SubdividePolygon than you can generate as many as pieces.

warning:this may eat your memory too much depend on piece number.

Oh great thing then I will definitely buy it when I’m going to model a medieval castle.

thank you.I ll continue to developer it.

Really nice item the preview does not do it justice!


Help ! Doesn’t work in Maya 2015 ! When loaded, the script just show the icon bar, without the parameters…

in conclusion. Works in maya2015.

this issue happens if you missed to copy ktrockshatterlogo.png into correct directory.

besure that the ktRockShatterLogo.png is pasted in correct directory.if maya cant find logo.png at initial execute,it may calculates wrong window sizes and saves it into prefs.mel. than maya remembers wrong with window size. this rarely happens if your maya raise and error and process job interrupted.

1 – please delete directory .\documents\maya\2015-x64\prefs (or only windowPrefs.mel and userPrefs.mel should be removed)

reliazed that resizable window is a need to pass maya’s bug. updated the script may avaible within 24 hours. or for a quick solution. 1- open mel script in notepad++. 2- find line 449 3- set window -s 1 (instead of window -s 0)

donload the updated version.

Hey! How do i install it into my Maya OSX ? The directory seems different. I right click application (MAYA2014) > Show package content > Contents > Paste the two MEL files onto SCRIPTS folder > paste the two PNG file into ICON folder. But when i open Maya2014. None of the Shelves have rockshatter. Am i installing it right?

My bad! I forget a step to source ktRockShatter; in MEL! THANK YOU FOR THE NICE WORK ! Works well ~

tested in osx. but forgot to write steps spesific to it. sorry. but it seems you already made it working.

Very, very nice plug-in. Love it. Works perfectly.

Very, very nice plug-in. Love it. Works perfectly.

thank you

GLWS, my friend!


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