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Great stuff… very useful. Keep it up – you’ve got a great collection started on 3D Ocean.

Nice! Your stuff is amazing! :)

Great work once again :)

Thank you elements, webdesigndeluxe and AerisT :)


Nice files man. Keep up the awesome work.


Thanks mafloral!

Excuse my ignorance vibes35, not being a 3ds max aficionado, can the file be imported into Cheetah 3D and or used in conjunction with Sketchup?

I’d really love to isolate objects to use as ‘sign posts’ within a Time-line project I’m working towards.



Thank you for all your kind words and comments :)

To answer a couple questions:

- Sketchup will import the .3ds format. You must make sure to place the maps in the same path as the file

- .3ds is a pretty standard format as well as the .obj file format

As far as Cheetah 3D it will also import the .3ds as well as .obj format!

Hope this helps! Cheers :)

are these low poly ?

Sorry it has taken a bit to reply I do not always get to checking the comments as regular as usual. Yes the poly count should be listed with the description to see if it will fit your needs.