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Wow, this is gorgeous and SO realistic. Great job!

Thanks very much for the comment i put allot of work in to getting this to look as realistic as possible.

/many thanks for your kind words!

Looks like something from http://www.windwardmark.net/ ~ Great job! :)

Cheers for the comment!

“20 TitleTablePixel Patterns” in the Preview, i think something gone wrong!

Cheers my bad, i alway use earlier product as a template, i will get that changed as soon as possible!

WOW ! this is awesome. I’ve tried Vue d’Esprit for organic renditions but they take long to render.

Can you brief us on the following:

1 – Can the camera in the scene be rotated 360 to view the everything on all sides and will it render just like the sceenshot?

2 – Can I put some object (castle, tree etc) in the water and animate the camera around it?

3 – I see mountains on the horizon; are they textured?

4 – ‘Openable’ by 3ds max 2009?

Man this is great.

thank very much for your positive comments, now i will answer your questions

1. yes

2. yes

3. there are no mountains in the scene they are on the texture which includes the clouds

4 yes

if you have any problems i am always available by email at stephendossett@aol.com am i wil do what ever i can to help.

many thanks


Thank you for your prompt and accurate reply. This is a very rare file. I’m surely purchasing this as soon as I could because this looks like a dream I once had :)

Thanks very much i look forward to it!

You can even sell this on VH.

Thanks very much for the comment I never thought of putting up on videohive i will have to give it a go.

Can you provide an example of the animation? I really want to buy this and will as soon as I see the animated version!

What I mean is, when I repeat the video over and over, it shouldn’t be noticeable that it is repeating – it should still have the shake and all, but the first and last frames need to be the exact or almost exact same. Smooth looping.

And if it couldn’t be looped, 5 minutes would be appreciated

Cool I get what you are after, I should get internet in 2 day so I will be able to get started on this project and get it uploaded to Video Hive.