Seth The Ancient Egypt God 3D Animation

Seth The Ancient Egypt God 3D Animation

Seth (Set, Setekh, Sety) is the Egyptian god of chaos, storms, violence, war and disorder. Also he was a patron of far countries and foreigners.

WebGL Demo

Seth was one of the most important and honored in ancient Egyptian religion. He is usually portrayed with the human body and the head of Aardvark, with long ears, red mane and red eyes (the color of death, that is, the desert sand).

We represent you a 3D animation of Seth.

The character makes such actions:
- Normal condition, he just stands.
- Goes on foot with nothing in his hand.
- Goes with a scepter of forces in the hand.
- Running with nothing in hand.
- Running with the scepter of power in the hand.
- Combat readiness without scepter.
- Combat readiness with a scepter of the forces in his hand.
- Jump without scepter.
- Jump with a scepter.
- Attack 1 (left and right-hand).
- Attack 2 (leg and then left hand).
- Attack 3 (jumps and attack with right hand).
- Attack 4 (left and right punch from the bottom).
- Attack 5 (fighting stance and destruction with the help of eyes).
- Throws the scepter.
- Picks up the scepter nonverbally.
- Receiving wounds 1.
- Receiving wounds 2.
- Death 1.
- Death 2.


-C# scripts for switch animation by Animator Controller Include!

-Setup Animation Controller Include too!