Skydome HDRI - Northern Lights 2

Skydome HDRI - Northern Lights 2

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The Skydome HDRI-brand is a collection of high-dynamic range images, which displays only the sky-portion of an outdoor setting. Usually the qualities selected under the brand are cloudy and detailed skies. The lighting-condition is natural exterior lighting, with no artificial sources, and captures all spheres of natural lighting.


Northern lights with a sun glowing from beneath the horizon. Only top half of the HDRI-sphere is shot, so if using for example VrayLight with Dome-setting enabled, leave the “Spherical: full-dome” unchecked.


Massive resolution of 12344×3246 allows the sky to be rendered directly from the viewport with considerable detail (tested with up to 8000 pixel wide renders.)


Supplied with the JPEG-version of the panorama.

Package includes

OpenEXR and Radiance HDR-files Both HDR-files are supplied as Skydome-versions (only top half of the panorama) and full 360/180 panoramic versions.

JPEG-backplates JPEG-backplates are provideda s well in Skydome versions and as well in full panoramic views. Both of these views are provided with no noise reduction applied, and processed backplates for minimal noise. The difference between-JPEG backplates and HDR-backplates are that the JPEG-backplates are more refined, in this case contains more stars.


3-step 2-EV settings used via the Magic Lantern HDR-Bracketing Feature


DIY no-parallax rig on top of a “basic” tripod.


Canon EOS 60D


Samyang f3.5/8mm fisheye lens with 180 degrees of horizontal field of view.


It might be confused as to what in actuality the HDR-images are used. They are used in variety of 3D-formats to produce physically accurate lighting (to recreate the lighting conditions present in the scene which from panorama was shot), for variety of purposes. I could say the most used target is to achieve lifelike light conditions to architectural renders, but also for your fantastic 3D-scenes where you want to breathe a bit of life into the images, to bring them from merely ordinary 3D-renders to the hyperreal domain. It is suggested to use the HDR-files to generate lighting and reflection, and use the JPEG-backplates for compositing.

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