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Nice work. I love it!

hey, thanks!

Won’t let me pay for this, desperately need these.

Help anyone? OP?

Hey, what do you mean exactly that it won’t let you pay for them?

Hello, very good job and good luck in your sales.

Hey, thank you a lot!


Can you tell me what is the difference between Latlong and skydome HDRI. I want to replace an old HDR images from one of my blog : https://blog.advids.co/20-ico-marketing-and-promotion-campaign-examples/. So, is it helpful for me??


As far as I understand, it is just a difference in naming convention. I just name my HDRI’s that only cover the sky as Skydomes to make it more clear!

Lots of artifacts along the horizon line, silhouettes of trees half obscured by the northern lights which end up half way up a rendered image, not suitable as a background image only for lighting.

iburrough, thank you for the feedback! I will attempt to correct this

Hey, the fixed file was just sent up for review. Please keep a lookout for the updated file. Thanks for pointing out the mistake and sorry for the delay in fixing it!

Awesome, thanks I will check it out.