Skydome HDRI - Starlight Sky 3

Skydome HDRI - Starlight Sky 3

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Skydome HDRI - Starlight Sky 3 - 3DOcean Item for Sale


The Skydome HDRI-brand is a collection of high-dynamic range images, which displays only the sky-portion of an outdoor setting. Usually the qualities selected under the brand are cloudy and detailed skies. The lighting-condition is natural exterior lighting, with no artificial sources, and captures all spheres of natural lighting.


Beautiful starlight sky with a sun glowing from beneath the horizon. Whole HDRI-sphere is shot, so if using for example VrayLight with Dome-setting enabled, use the “Spherical: full-dome” checked.


Massive resolution of 12272×3472 allows the sky to be rendered directly from the viewport with considerable detail (tested with up to 8000 pixel wide renders.)

Package includes

OpenEXR and Radiance HDR-files. Both HDR-files are supplied as full 360/180 panoramic versions.

JPEG-backplates JPEG-backplate is provided in full 360/180 panoramic view.


3-step 2-EV settings used via the Magic Lantern HDR-Bracketing Feature


DIY no-parallax rig on top of a “basic” tripod.


Canon EOS 60D


Samyang f3.5/8mm fisheye lens with 180 degrees of horizontal field of view.


It might be confused as to what in actuality the HDR-images are used. They are used in variety of 3D-formats to produce physically accurate lighting (to recreate the lighting conditions present in the scene which from the panorama was shot), for variety of purposes. I could say the most common usage is for achieveving lifelike light conditions to architectural renders, but also for your fantastic 3D-scenes where you want to breathe a bit of life into the images, to bring them from merely ordinary 3D-renders to the hyperrealm domain.

About HDRI in general:

About the usage of HDRI in 3DS Max and VRay:

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One creative way to use this product by Natalie Kirk her short film Cat’s Sky> The 6000×6000 resolution displayed is only because it has to be in powers of 2. Actual resolution is mentioned in this description.