Snowglobe with cycled animated snowfall on dark background

Snowglobe with cycled animated snowfall on dark background

This is a beautiful animated snowglobe with cyclical snowfall to add some magic to your mood. This 3d model was created and unwrapped in 3ds Max and exported for all popular formats, snowfall was simulated and looped in Houdini.

Model formats:

  • max (3ds Max 2020, Scanline);
  • max (3ds Max 2020, V-ray, procedural material included);
  • fbx (Multi Format);
  • 3ds (Multi Format);
  • mb (Maya 2020);
  • abc (Alembic animation);
  • +.uvw for pluggable unwrap included;
Instructions on how to plug animation to various 3D model formats:
  • For Autodesk 3ds Max (snowglobe_max), you need to use point cache (snowglobe.pc2);
  • For Autodesk Maya (snowglobe_maya.mb), you need to use point cache xml, mc (snowglobe.xml,;
  • For Cinema 4D you need to open the Alembic file (snowglobe_abc), uvw unwrap is included in the model;
* Among the product files you will also find an archive called “instructions”, which includes video instructions that show how to plug animation to 3d models for Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya.

  • Animated cycled model exported in all required formats;
  • Correctly subdividable geometry;
  • Polygonal quads only;
  • Correct UVW-unwrap, + .uvw file included with pluggable unwrap;
  • Procedural V-ray material included (in snowglobe_snowfall_vray);
  • Exported textures in 8K resolution (in separate zip-archive);
  • Renders for preview are made in 3ds Max 2020, V-ray Next;
  • If you want to apply unwrap uvw in 3ds file, you need to convert editable mesh object to editable poly and load snowglobe_snowfall_uvw.uvw in Unwrap UVW modifier;
  • Studio environment is not included;

  • Have any questions? Let us know.