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My renders look nothing like yours. There are visible seams in the background. No textures are included. No GI is used. Is something wrong with the file?

I am using a newer version of Max and Vray, but with legacy settings.

Please let me know.

Hi Brenn,

1. visible seams in the background – this is vray map – VRayEdgesTexture, 2. file info states that there are no textures in the scene, 3. rendering setup – including GI was the purpose for creating this file. This scene was created in 3DS Max 2009. There may be some issues with newer version of Max, however file itself and it’s settings are OK.

If You like, I may send You screenshots of those setting via email.

Cheers Konrad

Thank you. I have reinstalled an old copy of 3ds max 2009 and it looks better.

I’m glad to hear that :) If You have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Hello, is this useable in C4D too with Vray4C4D ?



Althou i’m not familiar with C4D , I doubt it.

Cheers, Konrad

This won’t work on Cinema4D, a similar setup for vray on cinema 4d is this http://3docean.net/item/cinema4d-vray-studio-setup15-materialspdf-guide/2782350?ref=illbru

Thanks Konrad for this space, if you don’t like my message, delete it!

Could you add to the file your dark background? would be great light and dark background option for render. Regards

i have problem when open this file. because MTL .DLT missing, can you help me whats going on ? is it mat on vray or max ? if possible you can reply me to hendra.bohey@gmail.com

thank you

Fajne :) .... ?ycz? udanej sprzeda?y pozdrawiam

Hi, I’ve some problems with colors and textures. Maybe the problem is in the “gamma and LUT ” settings not included in the max files ? or in the bitmap import ?

I’ve sent you an email, let me know if you can help :)

thx and congratulation for your work!

:-( I’m really angry because I bought this file ready to use but can not use it … also missing all the textures. I do not have 3d studio max 2009 I have 2013, vray 2.x …. What can you do to fix things?



Hi Rossano, File states that it was created in 3Dmax 2009 and that there are no textures. At this moment I’am unable to prepare file in newer version of max. However I’m planning to do so in near future.

Best regards, Konrad

What kind of nonsense is this? I bought your product “ready to use…..” today to use TODAY , not in the future … and it is strange not work with a new versions. I open my old scenes and I have no problem with the setup in max 2011 to 2013. I also tried to open your file with max 2011, but there is nothing to do.

Find a fast solution please …


I’m sorry, but I’m not responsible for lack of compatibility in autodesk produckts. If You like, You may send me an e-mail through my profile page and we discuss this matter more freely.

Best regards, Konrad

I’m waiting for a solution…


nice job :)

Looks good! 8)

When will you do for 3ds Max 2014?

Thank you :)

Hi I’m not planning this at the moment, but I think that file created in 3DMax 2013 should work just fine in 3DMax 2014. Only issue here can be Vray version, which in here is Vray 2.3

Great use of the free Creeble Plugin.

Thank You :) greeble can be very useful ;)

Beautiful work! :)

Pre purchase question

Does this work with Max 2014 and VRay 3.0

Hi, I was not able to test it in this configuration, so I can not say for sure. It shoud open in max 2014 with no problem. For vray 3.0 would probably need some tweaking. It’s only guesswork at this moment.

hi konrad,

I am wondering whether you can make one for Vray 3 and max 2014. I like your effects so I am willing to work with you as well on a freelance basis.


Hi Sam,

I’ll see what i can do. Please contact me through my profile page :)