Stylized Earth C4D Python Generator

Stylized Earth C4D Python Generator

Stylized Earth Python Generator is a Cinema 4D scene designed to help quickly create a unique representation of Earth. Its style draws inspiration from dot matrix printing. Instead of ink dots, elements are created with mesh that wrap around a sphere. The size, shape, layout and textures of these elements are customizable allowing for many different designs.

Stylized Earth Python Generator examples.

Python Generator

Stylized Earth implements a Cinema 4D Python Generator in combination with User Data to generate geometry based on the grayscale levels of an image.

Stylized Earth in Object Manager with User Data below.

Polygon Selection Tags

Internally creates Polygon Selection Tags so front faces, extrude edges and back faces can have seperate Materials applied.

C4D Viewport demonstrating Polygon Selection Tags created by Stylized Earth Python Generator.

UV Maps

Creates accurate UVs allowing for detailed texture painting.

Example of a UV map created by Stylized Earth Python Generator.


Can be used in combination with a Mograph Cloner Object set to Object Mode. Below Stylized Earth is set to Disco Grid Mode and objects are cloned at its polygon centers.

Example of Stylized Earth Python Generator used in conjunction with a Mograph Cloner object.

Sphere Grid Python Generator

Download includes another Cinema 4D Python Generator that will quickly produce a grid with custom numbers of latitude and longitude lines. It internally sets up Sweep Objects with a custom contour spline.

Example renders of Spher Grid Python Generator. Sphere Grid Python Generator in the Object Manager with User Data below.

Sphere Grid Bitmap Script

Also includes a Python script designed to be executed inside Cinema 4D that generates a bitmap with even width lines from north to south poles when projected on a sphere.

Example of a bitmap created by Sphere Grid Bitmap Script and how it look when projected on a sphere.

Product Information

  • Compatible with Cinema 4D R16.050, R17 and R18.
  • Requires Cinema 4D Prime, Broadcast, Visualize or Studio edition.
  • Not compatible with Cinema 4D Lite edition.
  • No plugins required.
  • The Python Generators can be made editable for further modifications.
  • Includes html help files.
  • All scenes from the preview video are included with download.
  • Scene from the preview video demonstrating use with grass requires Studio or Visualize editions of Cinema 4D.
  • Alternate version of grass scene included with polygon grass for Prime and Broadcast editions.
  • Scenes from the preview video demonstrating use with Mograph require Studio or Broadcast editions.
  • Alternate editable versions of Mographs scenes included for Visualize and Prime editions.
  • Scene demonstrating use with Physical Render require Studio, Visualize or Broadcast editions.
  • Alternate version of Physical Render scene included with standard depth of field effect for Prime edition.
  • Preview video audio track “This Drive” by alivestone is not included.
  • Included obj file is not rigged.

Special Notes

  • A basic understanding of Cinema 4D texture paths is required to use Stylized Earth Python Generator.
  • An understanding of how to execute Python scripts inside Cinema 4D is required to use Sphere Grid Bitmap Script.
  • Stylized Earth Python Generator will only work with Team Render Server if the setting &quotClients Get Assets on Demand&quot is un-checked. If access to the server’s settings is not possible, the Python Generator can be made editable before network rendering.
  • Python Generators are not as fast as plugins written in c++. Depending on the number and complexity of elements generated, it may take a noticeable amount of time for the generator to build and cache the object.

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