Futuristic Motorcycle

Futuristic Motorcycle

This is 3d model of SVARTBIKE or Dark Elf Bike. If I could’ve speak Dark-Elvish, maybe I would’ve come up with more cool name. So now we can imagine band of Dark Elves ride on the dark vast lands of Svartalfheim )” title=” :)” />

This asset can be useful for 3d animation using AfterFX+Element3d. So I purposely created animated textures for several parts (headlight, dashboard, aether-tank, converter). Also some parts such as wheels, converter, fork can be easily animated in Element3d.

The provided model has been:

  • Created in Autodesk 3dsMax
  • Textures created in Paintshop Pro
  • Animated textures created in AfterFX
  • Rendered in AfterFX+Element3d
  • Postprocessed in Paintshop Pro


  • High quality real size model
  • All parts are separated
  • Unwrapped UVs with no overlapping (particularly only)
  • High Quality Textures


  • .MAX file format (version 2017)
  • .FBX file format
  • .OBJ file format
  • .E3D file format
  • Textures (DDS, JPG, PNG)
  • Animated Textures (MP4)

If you want this model in different look or file format, please contact me.