Note: To toggle light ON/OFF in your render, follow these steps:

For 3Ds Max + Corona:

Select Corona Light named ‘SM_Table_Lamp_3_CoronaLight_1_XZModels’ and ‘SM_Table_Lamp_3_CoronaLight_2_XZModels’ Located in the group ‘SM_Table_Lamp_3_XZModels’

Go to Modify panel and in ‘Corona Light’, increase/decrease intensity as you prefer to toggle ON/OFF.

For 3Ds Max + VRay:

Select VRay Light named ‘SM_Table_Lamp_3_VRayLight_1_XZModels’ and ‘SM_Table_Lamp_3_VRayLight_2_XZModels’ Located in the group ‘SM_Table_Lamp_3_XZModels’

Go to Modify panel and in ‘General’, increase/decrease Multiplier as you prefer to toggle ON/OFF.


- Mesh is completely sub-dividable. - Maintained perfect edge loop through out 3D Model. - Used only Quad geometry. Making it versatile in every aspect. - No Triangles and N-Gons at all.


- Providing perfectly organized folders for suitable renderer. - Every Material is named uniquely. Editing materials were never been easier.


- All Textures are in 4096px X4096px Resolution. - Well organized PSD is included for your changes and preferences.

Organization of scene:

- Perfectly named Objects and Materials (Even Textures) for best editing experience. - Relative paths for Texture to avoid missing errors. - Long descriptive names to avoid conflicting names with your scene. - Easy to read file structure. - real world size (system units – mm) - coordinates of location of the model in space (x0, y0, z0) - does not contain extraneous or hidden objects (lights, cameras, shapes etc.)

File Formats:

Native used Software:
Autodesk 3dsmax 2014 + VRay 3.30.05
Autodesk 3dsmax 2014 + Corona 1.6
Other Provided file formats:
Fbx, Obj and more...
PSD for editing Textures
All standard 4K Jpeg Textures


- All previews are Rendered in 3dsmax 2014 and Corona 1.6. - Model is hot and ready to drag it in your scene.

Press render to create wonder!

Thankyou – XZModels