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Very nice characte. Bravo! :)

thank you very much mister necturus. may the chameleon be with you!

welcome to the ocean, I absolutely love it… a good standard for every 2D concept, keep them coming!

do you made it in Photoshop?

cheers aus der schweiz :nerdy:

thanks for the nice words. and, yes i did it in photoshop.

Beautiful concept! Very professionaly done. Welcome to the site and good luck with sales! :)

Nice work :) like it :)

Thank you very much, Tashina! :)

this is great :) it gives me inspiration :D

thanks, i’m glad you like it!

stunning work

At this point, thank you all for buying my GingerNinja, your great ratings and your nice comments! I’d never thought that so many people are interested in this. In the future I will upload some more to give you all fresh stuff.

Thanks again, xocol4t4

Nice character :)

Nice ! best for your sale