Tesla Roadster Exterior

Tesla Roadster Exterior

Tesla Roadster 2020 Prototype Exterior Only

All preview images shown, rendered with Octane Render. Plus a few screenshots of the model in the viewports of Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, and Element 3D. Enviroments and lighting setups are not included, but let me know if you want them. You can find more close-up renders of the Tesla wheels with the Michelin tires, or purchase them separately, in my store. You can find the Interior version in my store as well.

[Technical Information]

Real world scale.
All geometry is subdivision ready.
    Polycount at subdiv Lv. 0: 142,186 (Base Mesh).
    Polycount at subdiv Lv. 1: 565,104 (Shown in the Wireframes).
    Polycount at subdiv Lv. 2: 2,260,416 (As rendered in Octane).
All glass geometry has thickness.
Tight and consistent tolerance between all the panels (2 mm).
The Airfoil is rigged in Cinema 4D to extend and retract.
All wheels with proper pivot points and ready to be animated (Cinema 4D/FBX).
Fully unwrapped, non-overlapping UV's.
Polygon selections for all sub-parts, so you can easily separate or re-shade specific parts.
8K PBR Textures (Includes an 8K vector based Displacement Map for the tire sidewall).
No N-gons, Isolated Vertices, or Complex Poles.

[Files Included]

_C4D_Octane – Cinema 4D project file with Octane shaders, using some of the 8K PBR textures, dedicated texture masks, and procedural shaders. This is where all the renders come from. Screnshot attached.

_TEX_8K – Textures exported from Substance Painter and used for all the files bellow. Textures are 8K 16bit png files (Spec/Gloss PBR).

_C4D – Cinema 4D project file with Physical/Standard shaders using the PBR textures exported from Substance Painter. Screnshot attached.

_FBX – Autodesk FBX exported from C4D. You may need to re-tweak the shaders abit, depending on the program you open it in, but all PBR textures should maintain link.

_OBJ – OBJ/MTL exported from Cinema 4D. Three versions: subdiv Lv. 0 / 1 / 2. All PBR textures still applicable.

_E3D – Ready to use in Video Copilot’s Element 3D, plus an After Effects project file with the model already loaded. Using the OBJ at subdiv Lv. 1, and the PBR textures. Swap the OBJ for any of the other subdivision versions to adjust polygonal detail (right click, replace model). You may need to re-link the model/textures upon opening it for the first time, so just point to the root folder, where you extracted the texture pack. Screnshot attached.

_MAX – 3ds Max project file with default shaders, using the PBR textures. May need adjustments.

All files are zipped.