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I’m so glad you like it :)

Very nice character! :)

Thank you :)


Not sure if you’ve seen this but thought you’d want to know…


Good work!

Yep, I know about it That’s what I inspired to model this toy :)

Hello, I purchased this model, but when I try to open the C4D version I get an error that says the following plug-ins are missing:

Vray Bridge Vray Physical Camera Vray Material

Is there a way around this?



That error message occurs due to lack of vray plug-in, which is a render engine, so you can either buy and install this plug-in or just ignore the error message. If you don’t want to see that message each time you open the file, just copy the model to another new scene without materials and anything related to vray plugin appearing on scene manager. I had mentioned in item details section that materials of this model only works with vray engine. However don’t worry, these are pretty basic materials, so you can imitate them easily.

Hope that’s informative, if you still have any question, feel free to ask ;)

So funny :) Great work!