Train Track Creator Pro

Train Track Creator Pro

The train track creator Pro building set is allowing you to create train tracks, for video game or rendering in a matter of minutes.

All the models in this pack are low poly with high resolution texture, and thus can be used for PC or mobile applications. The scene is very efficient rendering wise, as everything is packed on 5 textures, limiting the number of drawcalls generated.

As the curved rails are done using the “bend” modifier in 3D studio max, you can easily bend them at the angle you want.

The train track creator Pro pack contains the following models:

- Straight rail

- 5° angle curved rail

- 10° angle curved rail

- 15° angle curved rail

- 20° angle curved rail

- 25° angle curved rail

- 30° angle curved rail

- Points rail with animated mechanism.

- Crossing barrier

- train traffic light

- train traffic light with top part.

- Track example

2048×2048 seamless tiling ballast texture included.


straight rail: 1152 tris

curved rail: 1712 tris

traffic light: 2304 tris

traffic light with top part: 4326 tris

crossroad barrier: 2592 tris

points mecanism: 2956 tris


All the textures have a Diffuse, a specular and a Normal map.

rail : 2048×2048 + 1024×512 seamless tiling

ballast: 2048×2048

grid: 1024×1024

props: 4096×4096 + glow map to turn the traffic light on/off