Tuna Meat Pack - Steak, Raw, Cooked, Chopped

Tuna Meat Pack - Steak, Raw, Cooked, Chopped

This Tuna Meat Pack is a high end, photorealistic 3D model, that is created to help you add the realism to your project. The model is suitable for any visual production – broadcast, high-res film close-ups, advertising, games, design visualization, forensic presentation, etc.

The model was originally photo scanned and cleaned in ZBrush, then fully textured and rendered using Cinema 4D Redshift.

All geometry and visual aspects of the model are optimized to give you highest possible quality for up to 4k renders.


  • -This model is accurately sized to match the real object.
  • -Objects are grouped and named according to their real purpose.
  • -Clean and optimized topology is used for maximum polygon efficiency.
  • -Model is fully sub-dividable to allow Turbosmooth Iterations to increase mesh smoothness if needed.
  • -All textures and materials are tailored and applied for high quality render results.
  • -All objects have fully unwrapped UVs.
  • -No extra plugins are needed for this model.
  • -Lights and cameras are not included in the scenes.


  • -Model is included in 3 file formats.
  • -Model is LOD ready from 150 poly to High-res 150K polys
  • -Model Dimensions: 4cm to 16cm
  • -Units in all formats: #centimeters
  • -All Textures are PNG format with the following resolutions:
  • - 8192×8192 px

Included formats:

  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • STL

Textures: 8K

  • Albedo
  • AO
  • Curvate
  • Normal
  • Specular
  • Thickness

Level of details: (approximately)

  • LOD_00 – 125.000 Polygons
  • LOD_01 – 30.000 Polygons
  • LOD_02 – 8.000 Polygons
  • LOD_03 – 2.000 Polygons
  • LOD_04 – 500 Polygons
  • LOD_05 – 120 Polygons

Collection of 6

Steak Raw

Small Chunks Raw

Big Chunks Raw

Small Chunks Pile

Big Chunks Half Cooked

Big Chunks Cooked

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